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Langhorne History and Amenities

Founded in 1682 by William Penn, Bucks County has had a long and distinguished history. Penn named the county after Buckinghamshire, the Penn family home in England.  Bucks County is famous nationwide for its historic sites, including the Mercer Museum, Washington Crossing Historic Park, Pennsbury Manor, and Pearl S. Buck House.  Currently, Bucks County is comprised of roughly 608 square miles of land and 15.8 square miles of water. There are approximately 620,000 people within 23 boroughs and 31 townships.

Middletown Township was formally established as a Township in 1692.  Since that time, Middletown Township has grown in terms of residential housing and commercial development. The county’s largest mall, Oxford Valley, is located in Middletown. Recreational sites such as Sesame Place amusement park are in Middletown Township.

Amenities include:

on-site child daycare, SEPTA public transportation service

less than 1/2 mile drive to assorted restaurants, grocery, pharmacy shopping

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2008          1 mi.     3 mi.    5 mi.

DAY POP.     5,926        61,228     173,676

HOMES         1,808         27,487     76,270

AVG. INC.     $80,329    $88,706    $87,824